Bag Rulo – Black


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  • To make you look as cool as an SS officer integrating these backpacks into your motorcycle (or bike). We are against all kinds of fascism and repudiate the evil deeds of the Third Reich, but we must admit that Hugo Boss did an excellent job designing all his outfits.
  • The Elite German Troop (SS) generalized and popularized the use of complex motorized bicycles (what we know today as motorcycles). We have designed the perfect complement for your vehicle, nothing is lost, nothing is left behind. Designed for all road lovers (not fascists).


  • 100% leather
  • Easy anchorage to the motorcycle
  • Measurements (cm): Height = 10; Width= 34; Depth= 10
  • Hands-free strap for everyday use
  • Inspired by World War II

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